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We are a Swiss-based international visual communication agency with a multi-disciplinary emphasis in graphic design, digital development and spatial design for the corporate, consumer and cultural sectors. More importantly: What do we want people to think? Why do we want them to feel? How do we want people to feel and think about you and your message?
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  • Description
    We seek to create solutions that answer three basic questions at an equal level: aesthetics, meaning and function. How does it look like? How is it made? What does it mean and say? A single design solution should address and answer all three equally. We don't create what's expected, we create the unexpected.
    Compétences en Design & graphisme (17)
    Logo DevelopmentInteraction DesignPoster DesignTypographyConcept DevelopmentArt DirectionWeb DesignSignageCorporate IdentitySpatial Design+7
    Projets en Design & graphisme (9)
    Queen T - Design & graphisme
    Paul Gauguin at the Fondation Beyeler - Design & graphisme
    Sigrid Tanzt - Design & graphisme
    Music Machines / Machine Music - Design & graphisme
    Clients en Design & graphisme (9)
    A Tree in a Field RecordsMusique | international
    Sigrid TanztÉducation | regional
    blickfang internationale DesignmesseÉvénements et Spectacles | international
    Tinguely MuseumArt & Artisanat | international

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  • Description
    It's all about concepts, art and ideas... How can we develop a philosophy and an advertising process that differentiates you from your competitors, all while remaining your unique yourself? How will people remember you and how will they connect through bigger emotional reactions?
    Compétences en Publicité (12)
    Guerilla AdvertisingReact DevelopmentDigital advertisingguerilla advertisingpoint of salefilm and videoScript WritingVideo ProductionOnline AdvertisingDigital Advertising+2
    Projets en Publicité (4)
    Sigrid Tanzt - Publicité
    Music Machines / Machine Music - Publicité
    IBA Basel EXPO - Publicité
    blickfang Zürich - Publicité
    Clients en Publicité (4)
    blickfang internationale DesignmesseÉvénements et Spectacles | international
    Tinguely MuseumArt & Artisanat | international
    IBA BaselSans but lucratif | international
    Sigrid TanztÉducation | regional

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9 projets ajoutés par berger + Co.

Queen T
Queen T

Projet réalisé pour Queen T dans l'industrie Boissons pour un public B2C en 2019.Queen T is a Swiss online tea shop offering a selection of hand-picked Chinese teas, infusions and tea-ware. We were approached to develop and design their new branding and packaging. Unlike other projects, we had the opportunity to work with the brand from scratch, including the renaming of the company and retooling their campaigns. The goal was to create a visual branding and concept system, allowing each tea and product to have its own identity while meshing perfectly with the overall essence of the brand. The result was a design system using the letter "T" as a main character and a set of innovative and custom made patterns. This allowed us to give the brand a whole graphic universe in which we could pick and choose what best fit the product. Now the Queen T has a new home to call her own. One Queen, One T and all the teas to meet ones fancy.Visit our website and explore more by clicking here !

Design & graphismeImage de marque & branding
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Paul Gauguin at the Fondation Beyeler
Paul Gauguin at the Fondation Beyeler

Projet réalisé pour Fondation Beyeler dans l'industrie Art & Artisanat pour un public B2B / B2C en 2016.For the first time in its history, the Fondation Beyeler has implemented an expansive multimedia mediation room for their 2015 Paul Gauguin exhibition. On behalf of and in close collaboration with iart we conceived and designed the visual concept for the room through a series of unordinary biographic walls where the lines between print and digital are blurred. An emblematic visual concept was created via thoroughly crafted typography, colourful forms and reproductions of historical documents. Precise colors were chosen in order to narrate the travels, personal life, artistic career and quoted views of the artist. An animated world map acts as a dividing frontispiece to the multimedia mediation room. Boiling down all of the multimedia room’s concepts and elements to their bare essentials, a more subdued and quiet typographic design was created for the museum’s exhibition areas.Visit our website and explore more by clicking here !

Design & graphisme
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Sigrid Tanzt
Sigrid Tanzt

Projet réalisé pour Sigrid Tanzt dans l'industrie Éducation pour un public B2C en 2020.Sigrid Tanzt is modern dance for children. Children can learn how to dance like a Buffalo and jump like a Unicorn, immersing themselves into fantastic worlds by means of pictures, stories and rhymes. Inspired by bringing to life the seemingly ordinary into a fantastic world of rhythm and dance, our identity and campaign creates colourful dancing letters and words. The identity reflects the happiness children can find in dance by simply playing and having fun.Visit our website and explore more by clicking here !

Design & graphismeImage de marque & brandingPublicité
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Music Machines / Machine Music
Music Machines / Machine Music

Projet réalisé pour Tinguely Museum dans l'industrie Art & Artisanat pour un public B2C en 2017.Gathered from across the globe, the Museum Tinguely Basel brought together all of Jean Tinguely’s Méta-Harmonie machines for the first time into a single exhibition. We were commissioned the communication for the exhibition and its catalogue. The underlying concept for the identity was a term coined as “Onomatopoeic Mimetism”. A computer program was created, interpreting the musical sounds and rhythms of a Méta-Harmonie machine into onomatopoeic sounds. When paired with any of the musical machines, the automated program displayed onomatopoeisms in specific typographic strings of text. This same system was then used as the main ingredient for all print and digital applications. While Tinguely translated motion into rhythmic sound, we translated sound into rhythmic text. An installation piece was also presented alongside (and dependent on) the Méta-Harmonie machines during the exhibition. This became an artistic work functioning as both art and as the exhibition’s identity.Visit our website and explore more by clicking here !

Design & graphismeImage de marque & brandingPublicité
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Projet réalisé pour HUMBUG Basel dans l'industrie Événements et Spectacles pour un public B2B / B2C en 2020.The premier art, event and concert hall in Basel, our agency was contacted to develop their branding and maintain their monthly communication material. The concept and strategy are simple: a strong but flexible dynamic identity reflected through their online presence and their program, while still developing an endlessly changing monthly poster campaign on the streets. Just like HUMBUG and its events, every month different, every month special, every month new.

Design & graphismeImage de marque & branding
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A Tree in a Field Records
A Tree in a Field Records

Projet réalisé pour A Tree in a Field Records dans l'industrie Musique pour un public B2B / B2C en 2018.A new website and online shop was created for A Tree in a Field Records, an independent Swiss record label that has released a number of seminal records through out its almost 20 year history. Their labor as a record label extends beyond the realms of publishing and distribution, also arranging music and managing artists.Visit our website and explore more by clicking here !

Design & graphismeImage de marque & branding
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Red Dot Award Communication Design2016-06-30

100 Beste Plakate Germany, Switzerland, Austria2017-04-30

Art Directors Club New York Young Guns X2012-12-31Art Direction and Design
National Hangeul Museum Collection2018-07-31

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