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Profil vérifié par son propriétaire.

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placeShow addressplaceVia Franco Zorzi 28, 6900 Paradiso, Switzerland
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We love seeing your business succeeding. Sondora is a digital marketing agency driven with an ultimate aim to help organizations close the gap between Business objectives, Ideation and Execution.

We create and recreate powerful identities, deliver memorable experiences, build seamless user-friendly interactions and help connect people to their brands throughout a complete customer journey.

Our Story:

Over time working with our clients, the rise of Sondora’s later transformation began:

More clients were working with us because of the design and improved usability. Sondora has been building responsive and seamless Website designs as foundations for future marketing campaigns.

A great site—unlike the old static bogs that existed then—provided a takeoff runway for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and lead generation, two bubbling online marketing strategies that were upcoming.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) started to become a mass adopted technology in the gaming industry. Sondora realized that such breathtaking technology could be a great addition to clients’ marketing efforts. New partnerships were born with latest technology developers that upon Sondora’s ideas implemented such ideas to viable products.

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