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Virtual Tomato is amongst Switzerland’s top VR / AR experts. We bring real estates, stores, touristic highlights and even tomatoes to the virtual and augmented world – innovation which makes you stay ahead of the competition. Winner of numerous awards, we will create the best possible augmented reality and virtual reality apps (AR app, VR apps) for your business. Virtual Tomato est l’une des meilleures agences de réalité virtuelle et réalité augmentée en Suisse.  Nous implantons des biens immobiliers, des boutiques, des monuments et même des tomates dans les mondes de la réalité virtuelle et augmentée – une innovation qui vous permettra de tenir tête à la concurrence.
30 personnes dans leur équipe
Parle Allemand, Anglais, Français, Hongrois, Portugais
9 projets dans leur portfolio
Travaille à distance à travers le monde
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Fondée en 2013
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  • Description
    Development of AR apps and VR apps. We will take care of building 3D models, development of the augmented reality apps, development of virtual reality apps for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive and many more.

    Développement d'applications AR et d'applications VR. Nous nous occuperons de la construction de modèles 3D, du développement des applications de réalité augmentée, du développement d'applications de réalité virtuelle pour Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive et bien d'autres.
    Compétences en Application mobile (7)
    Virtual RealityRéalité augmentéeRéalité virtuelleVRARAugmented RealityAR/VR
    Projets en Application mobile (9)
    Mazda CX-30 AR/VR app - Application mobile
    WTO – Augmented Reality for an Exhibition - Application mobile
    Frederique Constant AR app - Application mobile
    Jet Vision – app for private jet customers - Application mobile
    Clients en Application mobile (9)
    Jet AviationAérospatial |
    Mazda SwitzerlandAutomobile | international
    AXPOEnergie et Pétrole |
    TescoVente au détail |

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en 3D (6)
    ModélisationAnimaciónModellingRendering3D Modelling3D Modeling
    Projets en 3D (2)
    Mazda CX-30 AR/VR app - 3D
    Jet Vision – app for private jet customers - 3D
    Clients en 3D (2)
    Jet AviationAérospatial |
    Mazda SwitzerlandAutomobile | international

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9 projets ajoutés par Virtual Tomato - AR/VR Agency

Mazda CX-30 AR/VR app
Mazda CX-30 AR/VR app

Projet réalisé pour Mazda Switzerland dans l'industrie Automobile pour un public . Experience the new Mazda CX-30 in augmented reality Mazda announced its new compact SUV, the Mazda CX-30 as a word premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, however the car was not yet available at the showrooms and we needed to generate some buzz around this truly exceptional SUV.

3DApplication mobileErgonomie (UX/UI)+1
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WTO – Augmented Reality for an Exhibition
WTO – Augmented Reality for an Exhibition

Projet réalisé pour WTO dans l'industrie Sans but lucratif pour un public .Swiss Tomato is very proud to work with most of the major international organizations based in Geneva, including WTO, the World Trade Organization. WTO was organizing an event showcasing its programs that support the economies and trades of least developed countries. The exhibition consisted of information panels and a few printed ‘magic cubes’. Using a mobile app using AR (augmented reality), participants could trigger stunning content like palm trees growing out of the cube, video playing or an infographic visualized. The app created a fun and interesting learning experience for our users. and made the exhibition memorable by putting a smile on people’s faces.

Application mobileErgonomie (UX/UI)
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Frederique Constant AR app
Frederique Constant AR app

Projet réalisé pour Frederique Constant dans l'industrie Luxe et Joaillerie pour un public .Augmented reality app development for Frederique Constant to create an innovative showcasing tool to support their new Hybrid Watches at Baselworld and many other events around the globe. Put on a small bracelet and immediately see the new watches on your wrist with the help of an iPad. Users can check the different versions of the watch and also get access to exclusive galleries and in-depth information on the watches. Those who are interested can register via the app. Check out the video to see how this augmented reality solution really looks like.

Application mobileErgonomie (UX/UI)Evénementiel
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Jet Vision – app for private jet customers
Jet Vision – app for private jet customers

Projet réalisé pour Jet Aviation dans l'industrie Aérospatial pour un public .The app helps private jet customers to imagine the interior of the future airplanes. We modeled aircrafts interior from CAD files – the user can zoom, rotate and walk across the aisle and explore the plane. The advanced 3D graphics with reflections and shadows added to ensure an optimal user experience. The app was a finalist at the Best of Swiss Apps 2015.

3DApplication mobileErgonomie (UX/UI)+1
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AXPO – AR event game
AXPO – AR event game

Projet réalisé pour AXPO dans l'industrie Energie et Pétrole pour un public .Swiss Tomato helped Axpo starting from the creative ideas all the way to the final development of the AR App. The puzzle game supported well their internal communication well and made the participants have a good time trying out this interetesting technology.

Application mobileEvénementiel
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VR Elevator Configurator
VR Elevator Configurator

Projet réalisé pour Alghanim Industries dans l'industrie Architecture et Urbanisme pour un public .ARworks developed this unique solution for the Al Ghanim Industries of Kuwait as part of a more complex solution. The Virtual Reality app, running on a HTC Vive includes an interactive elevator configurator – besides its two other modules: building up a villa around the user and demonstrating how the the Air Condition pipes are installed behind the walls. Users can freely design various parts of the elevator appearing around them, with a TiltBrush-like menu in their left hand – they can set the pattern, colors and material of the walls and the ceiling, the width and shape of the handles or the carving in the mirrors on the wall. Customers, as a result of the VR journey actually feel like they are standing in the elevator and designing it in real time. The elevator has a control panel, too, with this the user can move among the different floors where he can see the other modules of the app: how the building is built from the foundation, how the AC is installed (this can be actually controlled through the appearing smart-home interface) and how does it feel to stand at the top of the villa.

Application mobile
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