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    Hundreds of potential customers are searching for your products or services every day. With our certified SEA specialists you can reach exactly your target group and increase your visibility in the popular search engines.

    Paid search ads are a crucial part of today's performance marketing mix. The possibilities range from classic text ads, display advertising to shopping offers with product and price labeling. Combined with the right target groups, bids and optimized ad texts, the opportunities in the search engines are almost unlimited. With the SEA specialists from YEP you can benefit from our years of experience in search engine marketing.

    We manage and optimize our customers' SEA campaigns in the most popular search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Of course, our SEA team constantly deals with the ever-changing targeting, bidding and automation options and uses this as best as possible for our customers.

    With direct contact persons at Google and Co., we always get first-hand information on new possibilities and features and can use them optimally for our customers.

    YEP specializes in campaign automation and optimization. Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we get the maximum performance out of our campaigns.
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    Every day, search engines answer millions of search queries about services, products, general questions or information. In order to show the searcher the right offer, search engines index all websites every day and display them according to their relevance to the search term. These free rankings are called organic search results. A good position in the organic search results on Google and Co. is essential for businesses today, and in any case leads to more sales and leads.

    Our SEO experts are happy to help you on this topic. At the beginning of every SEO project is an analysis of your website. The technical, content-related and external aspects of your website are examined in detail. This results in a package of measures for your own personal SEO strategy.

    Technology - We improve the technical aspects of your website so that search engines can optimally include your page in their search index.

    Content - We optimize your content based on the search queries and needs of the searchers. This will help perfect your website's relevance to customers and search engines, and uncover new opportunities and placements.

    External Factors - Working with local blogs, media, newspapers and influencers, we ensure external visibility, which remains one of the key ranking factors today.

    Reporting - To ensure that the success of our collaboration is not only visible in huge traffic growth, we also provide ongoing reporting and discuss the next steps with you.
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    Following last year's EU cartel verdict, Google is committed to increase competition within Google Shopping results. That's why they launched the Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS for short) and a handful of trusted partners have been chosen to become official Google CSS partners. Through a cooperation with the CSS provider High Street One we can now offer this service cost-effectively. As a partner, we can now help our retailers and agencies reach millions of Google Shopping customers. And at a cheaper price than directly from Google. So you too can benefit from a CPC reduction of around 20%!
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